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A Foxy Trot at Fushimi-Inari Shrine


Among the 17 World Heritage Sites listed as highlights to any Kyoto visit, visitors will no doubt regard the Fushimi-Inari Shrine as a can’t-miss location

And yes, the track through the world famous Torii (sacred gates) of Fushimi Shrine, then up to the top of Mt. Inari is as an authentic Japanese visual experience as you can get and; as I found on my most recent trip to the site, it also offers a most interesting and invigorating place to stretch of the legs.

The Shrine trek is set up in a circuit that offers divergent paths to the loop at the top and if you head out early before the crowds provides a wonderful and very peaceful place to take in some morning cardio.


If the short loop isn’t enough for you of course you can loop back and go again or simply make your way down the charming Kamo river that provides wide and clear paths all the way back into Kyoto where you can find yourself breakfast and perhaps source an Onsen to visit to refresh yourself for the day ahead!

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