What is Fit Japan?

The purpose of our service at Fit Japan is to find and provision offerings available in Japan to the foreigner community and to promote Japan as a destination to enjoy health, wellness and fitness activities.

Japan is a land of novelty and contrast, but also endless adventure. From swimming by the sunny shores of Okinawa, to hiking your way to the summit of Mt. Fuji, soaking in an Onsen in Fukuoka or the thrill of pounding down the slopes, snowboarding in Hokkaido, Japan is a country filled with activities to cater to a broad range of tastes.

Much of the magic of Japan can be found in the harmonious culture of ‘community first’, phenomenal focus on customer service, it’s regard for quality at all levels in product and the enduring pursuit of perfection applied to their trades.

These remarkable qualities also apply to the health and fitness culture in Japan’s society, yet, all too commonly in Japan, many of these diverse products and offerings are not exposed to, or targeted at, foreigners, due to the ongoing language and cultural barriers present still today.

Our goal is to enrich the experience of  visitors to Japan by doing all we are able to share our knowledge of the cultural and language barriers you may encounter, to help you experience the best of Japan, to help you harmonise with the society and to be at your best, while you pursue a fit, healthy and active life.


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