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Ketogenic Coffee Japan (3/16/2017) - As part of what will be a series of blogs about ketogenic dieting in Japan, today I am sharing where you can source your ketogenic coffee supplies in Japan – how to make it! For the uninitiated, Ketogenic coffee is a high fat, high calorie zero carb breakfast brew which is often referred to as ‘bullet proof […]
Kinniku Shokudou – Tokyo Healthy Eating (3/13/2017) - Serving up a superb range of nutritious high protein / low carb and entirely delicious healthy meals, Kinniku Shokudou have your post workout or healthy eating meals sorted! Located only a few minutes walk from Roppongi station, this venue needs to get onto your list of ‘must eats’ while in Tokyo. Kinniku Shokudou (筋肉食堂) translates to ‘muscle restaurant’ and why […]
Cheap & Healthy Eating in Japan. (8/5/2015) -   Cheap & Healthy Eating in Japan. FamilyMart. After lunch today, I decided I would share exactly how dead easy clean eating is in Japan – even if you are on a budget.  Todays lunch menu: Salad Boiled skinless chicken breast (really delicious) Boiled egg Sparkling water Banana  All this for under ¥1000 (around $8USD)!! It was all purchased from […]