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Tokyo Marathon – FAQ (3/31/2017) -   We get a lot of questions regarding the Tokyo Marathon so decided to put together a list of frequently asked questions, if you have a question not answered here or on our site, please comment below or message us on our Facebook page.  * Fit Japan do not offer official information and the information provided is subject […]
Asics Meta Run (3/14/2017) - While attending the Tokyo Marathon expo this year I was browsing the always impressive and giant Asics store, I could not resist myself the urge to try on a pair of the brand spanking new Asics Meta Run ‘concept’ shoe. Like the idiot that I am, I didn’t first look at the price tag that would have […]
Runtrip (3/4/2017) -   “Surfers go on surf-trips to catch good waves, runners go on run-trips to find good courses.”    This is the phrase written on the top page at a website called “Runtrip”   I came across this website from a Google search as part of a task I was assigned a while ago, trying to find ways […]
A Trail Run in Kamakura (2/20/2017) - Kamakura is a seaside city located just south of Tokyo, in Kanagawa prefecture, that is not only well-known for its time-honored shrines and temples with the Great Buddha statue, but also for its variety of hiking courses, ranging from easy paths, that young children and elders can enjoy, to steep rocky trails that not even […]
Fuji-San Marathon (12/11/2016) - Fuji-san Marathon is held late in late Autumn (last Sunday in November) at the base of Mt.Fuji. The race loops two lakes, Lake Kawaguchi and Saiko Lake. The start and finishing point is in the town of Fuji-Kawaguchiko, where you will find incredible hospitality and a festival atmosphere on the weekend of the event. The […]
Tokyo Marathon Tokyo Marathon 2017 – Registration Information (7/8/2016) - This article is a summary of registration options for foreigners to Japan looking to enter the Tokyo Marathon 2017. **** We have a Tokyo visitors guide book available, you can download your free copy at 1. General Entry is open from August 1st 2016 General Entry is drawn by lottery. There are 35,500 spaces and […]
A Foxy Trot at Fushimi-Inari Shrine (3/27/2016) -   Among the 17 World Heritage Sites listed as highlights to any Kyoto visit, visitors will no doubt regard the Fushimi-Inari Shrine as a can’t-miss location.  And yes, the track through the world famous Torii (sacred gates) of Fushimi Shrine, then up to the top of Mt. Inari is as an authentic Japanese visual experience as you […]
Tokyo Marathon – Race Day Preparations (2/14/2016) - Tokyo Marathon 2016 is almost upon us and here at Fit Japan we have been busy preparing a guide book aimed to help first time runners of the Tokyo Marathon to plan and prepare for their Tokyo Marathon adventure. The blog post that follows is an extract of tips regarding food, hydration and clothing for the day. […]
The Osaka Marathon (10/28/2015) -   I write this post while bound for Tokyo sitting aboard the effortlessly swift ‘Nozomi Super Express’ Shinkansen at 320 kilometers per hour; I’m returning home from a magnificent weekend in Osaka after participating in the Osaka Marathon. Fortunately for me I gained a lottery placement into the event which took place this weekend on Sunday Oct 25th, 2015, this year celebrating it’s […]
Tokyo Marathon! [Infographic] (10/15/2015) - An infographic of numbers from the Tokyo Marathon.  
Pictures from a run in beautiful Hakone. (10/7/2015) - A short post of pictures from my weekend running in beautiful Hakone. With a last minute decision made to join a friend for a weekend in Hakone, I was happy to have discovered a very pleasant half marathon distance run half way around Lake Ashi . The run includes a reasonably steep climb at the halfway point and takes […]
Front Entrance Runners Station, Kojimachi. (9/25/2015) - Situated 500 meters from the Imperial Palace running track, you quickly get a sense the owners of Runners Station Kojimachi have thoughtfully crafted this environment with a genuine knowledge of what a runner’s needs are and that they share a passion for running as much as you do. Runners Station Kojimachi offer a variety of […]
Tokyo Marathon Charity Runner (9/20/2015) -   During the day of  September 16th the Tokyo Marathon Foundation drip fed its lottery results out to the Marathon hopefuls via email. With 308,810 applications and only 36,500 spaces many folks had to expect to be disappointed (like myself) by receiving the following brutally worded email.    ====================================================== ◇◇  Tokyo Marathon 2016 Notification of the Lottery Result  ◇◇ ====================================================== Thank […]
Where to run in Tokyo. Yoyogi Park. (9/10/2015) -   Located in central Tokyo, Yoyogi Park (代々木公園, Yoyogi Kōen) is a staple destination for runners of Tokyo. Given it’s central location it is easily accessible by public transport, with train stations ‘Harajuku‘ (Yamanote Line) , Meiji-jingumae and ‘Yoyogi Kōen‘ (Chiyoda Line) all taking you to the parks doorstep. Yoyogi Park hosts all the facilities you need for an enjoyable run as there […]
Where to run in Tokyo. The Imperial Palace. (8/11/2015) - Where to run in Tokyo. The Imperial Palace. If you are visiting Japan for the first time and looking for a place to run that’s central in Tokyo then look no further than the Imperial Palace. The track at the Imperial Palace is the quintessential Tokyo City running destination and it might well be the most popular of all […]
Tokyo Marathon Logo Tokyo Marathon. Registration Opens! (8/1/2015) - Tokyo Marathon. Registration Opens! The buzz in the city surrounding the Tokyo marathon epitomises to me the the depth of the running culture of Japan. The marathon is televised live and nationwide on Japan’s national public TV network (NHK) and as you explore the city ahead of your race participation you will be hard pressed to […]