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9Round Japan (4/28/2017) -   Recently I was invited to visit 9Round Japan fitness center to try their newly imported from the USA, 30 minute ‘stress buster’ fitness center workout they have launched in Japan. Personally I have never been one for circuit style / class training, simply I am generally clumsy and don’t feel comfortable following fast paced instruction and I prefer to ‘do […]
Why Gyms in Japan don’t actually suck. (12/17/2015) -   I wrote previously about Gold’s Gym in Japan, I wrote about the rules and restrictions along with some of the good points that I had experienced. Since then I have read many articles and forum posts criticising strange rules and regulations that Gyms in Japan impose and how foreigners struggle with them. I have also had […]
Kentai Pump Up Front of box and individual packets display. Kentai Pump Up Pre workout formula. (9/19/2015) -   As I have just landed back in Tokyo, my regular pre-workout formula is still packed in boxes back in Singapore waiting for shipment pending my visa coming through! I had decided a break from taking any pre-workout before the gym figuring it would do me good and not having it available meant it should be easy for […]
Where to workout in Japan – Golds Gym. (8/4/2015) - Travelling is no excuse not to keep up with your workout schedule, in this article I explain the procedure for using Golds Gym as a tourist or short term traveller to Japan.  While the bodybuilding culture isn’t particularly strong in Japan and consequently many gyms and fitness centers are pretty disappointing when it comes to the free weights they […]