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Ketogenic Coffee Japan

As part of what will be a series of blogs about ketogenic dieting in Japan, today I am sharing where you can source your ketogenic coffee supplies in Japan – how to make it!

For the uninitiated, Ketogenic coffee is a high fat, high calorie zero carb breakfast brew which is often referred to as ‘bullet proof coffee‘. I intermittent fast daily and drink this as a replacement for a breakfast meal. The calorie density is more than enough to take me through until mid afternoon without feeling hungry at all.

So, let’s get started with Ketogenic coffee in Japan!


  1. Butter (1tbs)
    I use trappist butter which is a fermented product made by Trappist monks in Hokkaido, seriously delicious butter and can be purchased in most major supermarkets or you can buy online on Rakuten. This butter does contain salt and a lot of recipes call for ‘no salt’ but I don’t mind the slightly salty flavour of the coffee and happy with the extra benefit of having a fermented product in my diet.
  2. Coconut Oil (1tbs)
    I use Brown Sugar 1st Organic Extra virgin coconut oil (despite the name, there is no sugar in it!) Also available in most major supermarkets or Rakuten. If you can’t find this brand generally there will be an organic extra virgin brand available.
  3. Coffee (1-2 scoops according to taste)
    One thing Japanese do love is a coffee brew and generally there is no shortage of roasters and I recommend a hunt around your local area to source some organic origins coffee beans.





  1. Coffee Brewer – I use the aeropress purchased from Tokyu Hands store.
  2. Blender – I love my blender and own a vitamix, which I also purchased from Tokyu Hands, of course any decent blender can do the job here and you don’t need a heavy duty, just enough to mix the butter and coconut into the coffee.
  3. Kettle / Water Boiler – No explanation really needed here!



  1. Boil water
  2. Brew the coffee
  3. Place butter, coconut oil and coffee in blender
  4. Blend until creamy
  5. Serve and enjoy!


The slides below demonstrate the process.



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Kinniku Shokudou – Tokyo Healthy Eating

Serving up a superb range of nutritious high protein / low carb and entirely delicious healthy meals, Kinniku Shokudou have your post workout or healthy eating meals sorted! Located only a few minutes walk from Roppongi station, this venue needs to get onto your list of ‘must eats’ while in Tokyo.

Kinniku Shokudou (食堂) translates to ‘muscle restaurant’ and why it has that name becomes immediately obvious the moment you start to salivate over the impressive menu. Perfect for the low carb, ketogenic, muscle building or simply health conscious diner, every meal on the menu comes presented with Fat, Carb and Protein information.

Among the array of dishes which includes delicious lean (bun free) burgers, steaks and chicken options, you might also like to satiate your post workout thirst with the equally impressive drink list available. You can choose from the selection of protein shakes and low carb alcoholic / non alcoholic drinks to enjoy as you feast.

For many items you can order your meal by portion size and the large size are especially generous servings, particularly considering average Tokyo meal size standards.

  • Non-Smoking Venue
  • English Menu Available
  • Uber Eats home delivery available (limited menu)


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Cheap & Healthy Eating in Japan.


Cheap & Healthy Eating in Japan. FamilyMart.

After lunch today, I decided I would share exactly how dead easy clean eating is in Japan – even if you are on a budget. 

Todays lunch menu:

  • Salad
  • Boiled skinless chicken breast (really delicious)
  • Boiled egg
  • Sparkling water
  • Banana 

All this for under ¥1000 (around $8USD)!! It was all purchased from the Family Mart, loaded with protein and less than 500 calories.  They even give you hand wipes and chopstick + toothpick along with the purchase. 

So, get yourself a healthy and quick lunch on a budget is dead easy, just walk into any Family Mart (they really are available prolifically throughout Tokyo) and you will be presented with literally dozens of healthy and budget priced options (along with a gazillion other fascinating food products you will be tempted to try, but that will wait till cheat day right?) 





The word ‘itadakimasu is spoken before eating and is roughly translated as “I humbly receive” It’s nearly always used before eating food by Japanese it’s much like saying “Bon appétit”!