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Kentai Pump Up Pre workout formula.

Kentai Pump Up ingredients listSide of box dialogue Kentai Pump Up Front of box and individual packets display.Pump Up Front of box nitric oxide booster. Whatever that is.


As I have just landed back in Tokyo, my regular pre-workout formula is still packed in boxes back in Singapore waiting for shipment pending my visa coming through!

I had decided a break from taking any pre-workout before the gym figuring it would do me good and not having it available meant it should be easy for me to avoid the urge to take it. That cute idea lasted exactly zero days when I found this pre-workout formula product on the shelf at my new local Golds Gym . With all the rational thinking of the supplement junkie/geek  I am, I instantly decided I must try this product. I didn’t look at the price until I was paying for it and I noted it wasn’t overly cheap, coming in at 3700 Yen for only 15 individual sachets.

With my Japanese skills practically non-existent, the only way I could tell it was pre-workout is because the only english text on the box was ‘Pump Up pre-workout formula’. I figured this mystery product might have something to do with pre-workout and getting a pump.

The following is a journal of my experience on the product for 5 days.

Day 1.

Now, I’m not allergic to anything I know about yet, so not being able to read the ingredients or having a clue what I was consuming wasn’t going to stop me. However, that confidence expired rapidly as I attempted to swallow down the contents of this sachet of grapefruit flavoured powder demonic bitter gremlin dandruff.

At first attempt I managed to get a solid dose up my nose and on second attempt it went right to the back of my throat and was so dry I thought I might actually choke. A quick gulp of water and I finally managed to get it all down. It had a texture much like how I imagine flavoured cement mix would, so let’s just say it was a bit of an experience. Following that moment of  mortality I might have decided it was actually the adrenaline of a near death experience that got my pump going through that workout and the sense of focus was my gratitude for not being passed out and died in the gym lobby.

Day 2. 

This time I have figured out how to tear the packet to get the actual contents into my mouth without behaving like an uncoordinated idiot (despite the compelling evidence this is actually what I am) and this time expecting the experience of the foul dry powder I was much better prepared and got it down without issue except perhaps a minor grimace at the unpleasant taste.

Day 3. 

I had taken a couple of days off the gym and caught up with my friend who has been translating the contents, I showed her the whole product box this time (rather than the photo of ingredients I had shared earlier) and we were amused as she read some text stating ‘they have taken great efforts’ to improve the flavor of the product. I’m thanking the gods I didn’t have to endure whatever the original gear tasted like.  So anyway, I was back at the gym and today I decided I would try mix the contents into a small bottle of water as an alternative method of consumption. I will never do this again. It looks as bad as it tasted and having to consume it with water only extended the experience. But despite this, I must say I today I was convinced of this product’s merits. I still enjoyed a sense of clarity and a ‘slow burning’ boost for most of all my 1.5hr workout.

Day 4.

Missing the extra kick I am used to with my regular pre-workout mix I took a double espresso shortly before consuming the packet. By now I’m fluent with getting the contents down with a reasonable level of dignity. I think I almost enjoyed consuming it today. The double espresso before hand helped with the kick I was looking for.

Day 5 + Summary.

Following the same pattern as Day 4 with the double espresso to for an added kick and I’m now convinced of the products focusing ability and stamina boost it gives to your work out.  Oh, and by now I’m almost enjoying the bitter grapefruit flavour.

Now, I will continue to consume this box of product but I will say the retail price point of this product at 3700 Yen is a little on the steep side but buying from Gold’s might not be the cheapest. Despite the price point and product flavour taking some getting used too, I did experience first hand the products impact to my workout. I may cycle this with my regular pre-workout mix if and when I manage to find it here in Tokyo!

What pre-workout do you use? Have you tried this product yourself and what were your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you!  Also if you have any questions please ask in the comments below!


Package Translation

Pre-work out  pump up supplement

  • Composed with 4,500mg of special peptide (per 1 product)
  • Composed with mineral (Zinc) 4mg (per 1 product)
  • Individual packages
  • Grapefruit flavor

Ingredients Summary

Nutrition facts (per 6.3g product) 
Energy 22kcal Carbohydrate 1.6g
Protein 3.8g Sodium 120mg
Fat 0.03g Zinc 4.2g (60)

*( ) Percentage of Nutrition Labelling Standards (%)

Whey peptide 4,000mg   Egg peptide 500mg

Ingredient Details

Amino acid analysis value (per 6.3g product)   in-company research
Arginine 100mg Alanine 300mg
Lysine 340mg Glycine 80mg
Histidine 80mg Proline 140mg
Phenylalanine 160mg Glutamine acid 490mg
Tyrosine 110mg Serine 200mg
Leucine 590mg Threonine 330mg
Isoleucine 260mg Asparagine acid 360mg
Methionine 180mg Tryptophan 50mg
Valine 310mg Cystine 30mg


Kentai are a Japanese sports and health manufacturer who manufacture and supplements exclusively to Japanese domestic market. You can browse this and other products at the Kentai Online Store


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