Daniel Da Vinci

Hello and great to meet you! I am Daniel and the founder of Fit Japan. I am from Australia and now live in Tokyo, Japan. I love life in Japan and even more than that, I love to stay in shape. After moving to Japan I found there is so much more to the health and fitness scene than I could ever have realised but sadly much of it is not apparent to foreigners. It is my goal to help people discover the health and fitness lifestyle opportunities that Japan has to offer.

I am a multiple times Marathon Runner / Ultra Marathon runner, cycling enthusiast, Ketogenic dieter and general health and fitness lifestyle advocate.



Sawa Matsushita

Regional consultant at Fit Japan. I enjoy running, hiking, workouts, yoga, gymnastics, ballet, skiing and snowboarding, but working as an office worker full time during the day in Tokyo, one of the busiest cities on the planet. I am passionate about introducing the Japanese culture and language from different angles to the world. I support Daniel with many aspects of Fit Japan and contribute with blog articles which is something I am very enthusiastic about.