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Tokyo Marathon Charity Runner


Charity Runner Tokyo Marathon.

During the day of  September 16th the Tokyo Marathon Foundation drip fed its lottery results out to the Marathon hopefuls via email. With 308,810 applications and only 36,500 spaces many folks had to expect to be disappointed (like myself) by receiving the following brutally worded email.



◇◇  Tokyo Marathon 2016 Notification of the Lottery Result  ◇◇


Thank you very much for your application for entry.
We regret to inform you that you have lost the lottery to run the Tokyo Marathon 2016.
We look forward to your application for our future events.


While not the news I was hoping for, this isn’t the first time I have lost the lottery but my love for this absolutely fantastic event I have in the past ‘purchased’ my way in by using an agency that sells marathon package tours.  The package tour option is a very helpful especially for first timers to Tokyo one as they provide options that include accommodation and support with the race logistics also. But as this will be my fifth time running the event and also now that I’m actually living in Tokyo it was time for a change and I have registered myself as a charity runner

This option is actually mentioned in the email sent for those who missed out, but if you are like me you probably deleted the email right after reading ‘you have lost the lottery’.


Charity runners are still being accepted for “Tokyo Marathon 2016 Charity”
Charity runner is to donate 100,000 yen or more and you will be guaranteed to run Tokyo Marathon 2016.
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (up to 3,000 runners).

Please visit the following website for more detailed information.


While it’s not a lot cheaper (¥ 100,000 minimum donation) and the price doesn’t include accommodation, what I like about this option is all funds go to one of the 13 charities you can choose from when registering and you are free to plan your itinerary to your own desires.

I will be writing more about the Tokyo Marathon including tips and options for first timers in future blog posts so drop your email below and subscribe to get that and more health and fitness news from Japan.



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