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Where to ride in Tokyo. Arakawa River.

Tokyo hasn’t been the best for me when it comes to cycling. I had been out to explore around the city looking for a decent long ride but was met with constant stop starting in congested traffic and a little frustrated by the behaviour of ‘commuting’ cyclists weaving between road and footpath haphazardly and even cycling in the wrong direction on the road; generally ignoring all road rules. It’s fair to say that my experience had been less than enjoyable.

And unlike the running culture in Tokyo, where you spot runners on the street and in parks everywhere at all times of the day, I seldomly would spot a serious cyclist on the roads of Tokyo. I was beginning to think that the cycling culture in Japan was only about commuting (which it is massively popular form of transport) and there was not much to offer for serious cycling enthusiasts, that is until I found Arakawa River route this weekend.

It was an absolutely stunning Autumn day and a real delight to get out and enjoy the wide open spaces that this mixed running and cycling path provides.

The track along the river has a few ‘slow down’ gates, it’s not perfectly maintained and also as it was the weekend there were a number of little league baseball games with kids dotted here and there along the way. All this meant  I couldn’t really open up at full speed for the entire route, but nonetheless it was by far the best cycling area I have found so far.  The images following are from the ride along way, I look forwards to exploring the track upriver on my next trip out.

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